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Perfect Mental Club Act

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! The NEW Perfect Mental Club Act. It’s the most practical, UNWRITTEN Q&A act possibly ever devised. Docc has been performing it for YEARS, but it’s evolved into SOMETHING BRAND NEW! The changes made to the original act that have come over [...]

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Join Docc for a discussion of how to amplify your mentalism. Take your presentations to the next level with the information in issue 3 of PEARLS Download PEARLS Issue 3 In issue 2 of PEARLS Docc talks about drawing dupes and how to position them in your show. Download PEARLS Issue 2 In the premier [...]

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Sons of Anubis

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For centuries, mentalists have wanted to do a Question and Answer act without the questions having to be written – not before the show – during the show – not at any time. Adding to this a challenge of proving the mindreader’s psychic abilities under strict test conditions would make for a nearly perfect, exploitable [...]

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The DEVICE Ritual

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Do you want to be able to sit with a total stranger and change their life for the better within moments? The DEVICE Ritual will do just that – REALLY! With props small enough to fit in a card box, you can perform a routine packed with amazing demonstrations of your psychic abilities that surpasses EVERY [...]

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The Naked Witch

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  Mentalists need at least one dangerous effect to build suspense in their show and create success as a performer. Sadly, they have recently turned to spikes, knives, nails and guns with routines that often don’t match up with the personality of the mentalist. And let’s be honest – audiences don’t believe a performer will [...]

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Billet reading is the ability to secretly know what’s been written on a piece of paper or card. Billet reading is often as close to real mind reading as any mentalist trick can get. To be REALLY effective, you must know when to look at the writing. It’s the true secret of the elusive perfect [...]

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A SECRET GIMMICK THAT PERFORMS ALL THE MOVES FOR YOU Sometimes mentalists need something to do the work for them. We need a GIMMICK that nobody knows exists. If they don’t know about it, they can’t know it’s being used. The DEVICE is a secret gimmick that performs all the sleight-of-hand moves necessary in advanced [...]

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ECHO – Murder by Design Preview

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Not sure about ECHO and The Baillie Addendum? Download the free preview call recording. We talked about a lot of things on the call. Of course ECHO, The Baillee Addendum, and much more. But we also talked Passports, Al Koran, Psychometry, Strip Clubs, Doc Nixon, Quotable Quotes, Orville Meyer, Hellstromism, Universal Mind, and much, much [...]

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ECHO – Murder by Design

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In 2011 Docc Hilford released a limited number of his eBook ECHO. Those who have performed this routine have declared it a complete show in a smart easy to do routine. The 107 page manuscript is transcribed from an actual performance, so you learn exactly what to say and how to say it. The primary [...]

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Docc Talk #2 Free Preview

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Docc Talk #2 is the full breakdown on all facets of Rose Petal Readings. Below you will find the free Quick Start Guide to the Docc Talk. It contains the topics and the outline of what you learn. Click here know to  learn all about Rose Petal Readings Docc Talk Right-Click here to download the [...]

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The Recollector

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A great demonstration of memory can be entertaining and profitable. It can be believable, dramatic and amazing. It blends easily into ANY mentalism show. It’s believable and establishes credibility for the performer. It can prompt all sorts of books sales, course enrollments and speaking engagements. But there are two major drawbacks: 1)  Memory demonstrations are seldom engaging, [...]

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Death Flight

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Docc Hilford’s DEATH FLIGHT is a contemporary chair routine built from a theatrical viewpoint. Every chair placement, participant location, every handing of props, and every one of the multiple climaxes is structured to make DEATH FLIGHT exciting from the opening overture to the closing curtain. It’s not just a routine, IT’S A PLAY. PACK SMALL, PLAY BIG As a [...]

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QuestA Cards

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“I use QuestA Cards in my cabaret Q&A show every night. I can control EVERYTHING. I can put a question into their heads, or take one out! I’m never without this act.” - Docc Hilford QuestA Cards is an unwritten, question answering system with three sides. SIDE 1 -  Knowing Unwritten Questions How would you like to [...]

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Mindvention Mastermind

Thank you for stopping by. This is a short 20 minutes primer on how to get the most out of Mindvention. I hope the tips here help you make the most of your time in Vegas or any other convention you attend. If you aren’t on the Docc Hilford email list simply sign up over [...]

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1 Card Q&A

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Whether you’re new to cold reading or a seasoned pro, 1 CARD Q&A will enhance your ability to give perfectly accurate readings to strangers you’ve never met. This 40 minute MP3 audio is an update to the SYNDROME DECK, because it takes the question revelation from the MP4 video and goes so much further. Docc Hilford has [...]

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13 Monkeys

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How can a mentalist apparently predict a true FREE CHOICE? No forces nor persuasions; a completely free choice. If he could write what will happen on a paper and leave it on the table, to be picked up and read by the subject – that would be great. But if he could write 3 DIFFERENT [...]

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Syndrome Deck

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You INSTANTLY know any card FREELY chosen from a SHUFFLED deck! Here’s a single basic effect: The deck is shuffled by you and the spectator. You turn your head so you can’t see his selection. He chooses any card – a completely free choice. You INSTANTLY know his card! But there’s even more. The spectator [...]

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The Impromptu Mind Reader

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Why are some men legends in magic and mentalism with ONLY the simplest tricks? Why do some guys today use expensive props or complicated effects and are still perceived as “tricksters”? The answer is… Because there is a DEFINITE PSYCHOLOGY TO PERFORMING IMPROMPTU. Over half a century ago, Jack Chanin read palms for BIG tips [...]

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Perfect Paid Performances

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Whether you perform magic or mentalism you are probably not treated like an artist. Ours is one of the greatest of all the performing arts, but let’s face it, we just don’t rate very high in people’s minds. Comedians, singers, and actors get greater respect and command much higher fees. Now you can be noticed [...]

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Perfect Paid Performances Telesummit

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The Perfect Paid Performances Telesummit contains 7 detailed one hour Doccinars. Truthfully most ran over an hour. You can attend at your own pace and benefit from the questions and answers from the attendees. Your Member Area contains MP3 recordings of all of the Doccinars for you to review as often as you need to. There is [...]

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Bachelor Pad Pro Package

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Docc Hilford’s The Bachelor Pad Package The Bachelor Pad is the perfect little impression pad. Apparently just a Post-It note pad and a pencil, what a person would actually use to make a note, and it takes an impression like a bunny to a penthouse. This PDF is 31 full pages with over two dozen photographs of the pad’s [...]

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Mephisto’s Journey

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“This is truly, a REPUTATION MAKER!” That statement gets tossed around, but here it’s the truth. In 1998, Docc Hilford released a routine that many believed was not performable as advertised. It was, they thought, just too good to be true. But it was true and those who read the simple instructions discovered a concept [...]

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Wizard’s Manual

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What do these famous performers have in common? Cris Angel – The Amazing Kreskin – Jon Stetson – Keith Barry – David Blain – Tim Conover – Larry Becker – Banachek – Ted Lesley All have performed The Wizard’s Manual on television! Do you want the trick that nearly every major mentalist in this century [...]

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Bachelor Pad

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Docc Hilford’s The Bachelor Pad - Impression Device The perfect little impression pad. Apparently just a Post-It note pad and a pencil, what a person would actually use to make a note, and it takes an impression like a bunny to a penthouse. And what do we call this little baby? Well, it belongs to the BOUDOIR [...]

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Palms of the Desert

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You can give a pretty good cold reading, right? You know a bit about palmistry too. But how to you make real money selling palm readings? Set up at a restaurant or psychic fair? That can be a dull and often expensive path to follow. With PALMS OF THE DESERT, you will turn any location [...]

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Boudoir Q&A ebook

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If you purchased the Boudoir Combo or Early Bird special you already have this ebook in your membership area. Boudoir Q&A was the cornerstone of a recent Las Vegas $100 workshop. It explains how to make money with a 6 MINUTE Q&A demonstration. A question answering routine that you can carry in your pocket. But [...]

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Corvus Slates

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The NEW Corvus Slates Docc Hilford Spirit Messages the Audience Can See and Hear as They Visually Appear! Almost every magician of any standing has demonstrated his ability to receive spirit messages. These astral communications nearly always appeared silently and in secret. But not anymore! Now, the audience can actually HEAR the chalk write the [...]

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Nostrum News Combo 2012

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It’s Exciting! Many friends in mentalism have asked me about doing a session on booking shows. I understand. The economy still hasn’t recovered. Fees are low. Competition is high. You want to be able to do some shows and make a little cash having fun. But fewer and fewer venues are hiring entertainment. How do [...]

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The Dance of Shiva

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Imagine this: you ask someone to think of a line from their favorite poem. Something you could not possibly know. They write the sentence across the center of their business card. They fold it and drop it on the table. You pick it up, tighten the creases, and place it in their palm. Actions that [...]

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Cellular Mitosis Doccinar

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The newest release from Docc Hilford Products is Cellular Mitosis 3. It moves light years beyond the effect of both the original Cellular Mitosis and CM2. EFFECT: A subject thinks ANY word, number, date, place or thought. She thinks of a friend and looks up her cell number. The mentalist uses his own phone dials [...]

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Dead Velvet 2 Double Doccinar

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HOW TO CONDUCT A VELVET SEANCE The Velvet Seance Doccinar was the largest attended Doccinar yet! You’ve requested a Part II, so here it is. In a DOUBLE DOCCINAR! In over 2 FULL HOURS of one-on-one teaching you’ll learn everything you need to know to conduct a Velvet Seance for money. This is not a [...]

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Velvet Seance Doccinar

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Audiences are more savvy now than in past years. A performer can no longer string a series of magic tricks together and call them a seance. Audiences today demand REAL manifestations! The Velvet Seance Doccinar covers several aspects of what has become known as “Red Light” seance work. In this first of a series of [...]

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The Whispering Buddha Double Doccinar

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An Amazing Classic Brought to Life! The Whispering Buddha is one of the greatest and strangest classics in magic. Greatest because of its simple and direct effect, yet strange because probably no one has actually performed it! That’s about to change. Fifteen years ago, Docc Hilford developed a workable method with his friend the late [...]

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Conscious Somnambulism

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This is one of the strangest and most powerful Doccinars we’ve offered. The Conscious Somnambulism Doccinar. You can learn waking hypnosis inductions that THE SUBJECT DOESN’T KNOW you’re using! Conscious Somnambulism will use on the Ball & Tube routine as an example, but because it’s been covered on DVD we only briefly review it. What [...]

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At last. The first real improvement on the DeCoursey / Webster, A to Z cold reading technique. What if the Rorschach Inkblot test were in deck form and all the inkblots had funny titles in alphabetical order? And instead of inkblots, they were easy to duplicate action doodles? And each picture had an easy to [...]

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Doccinar: Dead or Alive

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Dead or Alive covers a lot of ground – pendulums, audience interaction, revelations, wallet ideas, and much more. Purchase this Doccinar now for only $37 and you will be given instant access to the full text of the Dead or Alive section of the Monster Mentalism Update #1. What you get: Dead or Alive Doccinar (MP4) [...]

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Doccinar: The Cinderella Act

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Thursday March 8, 2012 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Doccinars are broadcast live to your web browser. We spend at least one hour giving you very detailed information on one topic. After the Doccinar we supply you with recordings that will work on both your computer and portable devices. We even give you an mp3 [...]

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E’voque Combo

What is E’voque? A specator chooses any number of dissimilar objects (usually around seven) and lays them in a row. A second participant looks over the group of items and jots down the name of one of them on a piece of paper. The first person is instructed to make several choices concerning the items. [...]

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Top Shelf/Window of Your Future

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Window of Your Future This book is my intended follow up to the infamous cold reading classic, System 88. Window of Your Future isn’t better, only different. It serves an entirely independent purpose. It’s a type of psychic chart AND a booklet of interpretations for sale. The numerical yantra can be completed in less than [...]

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The Invisible Stranger Package

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It hides in Shadows and Impersonates the Innocent Frustrated with complicated billet peeks that are cleverer on the page than in the field? Tired of having to shove unfolded business cards in your wallet just to read them? Hate switching slips because it’s so unnatural and you’re sure to be caught with the hidden note? [...]

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